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- port 636, LDAP over SSL/TLS ( ldaps://ldap.aegee.org )  
- port 636, LDAP over SSL/TLS ( ldaps://ldap.aegee.org )  
For applications, that understand LDAP URIs, the uris are ldap://ldap.aegee.org/dc=aegee,dc=org??sub and ldaps://ldap.aegee.org/dc=aegee,dc=org??sub .
== Mozilla Thunderbird ==
== Mozilla Thunderbird ==

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LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol and is directory of contacts. The contacts from LDAP can be integrated in different applications. The LDAP server ldap.aegee.org offers the contact data of all bodies. The same data is available over CardDAV and in https://my.aegee.eu/bodies. It can be setup as address book in different applications. The server is accessible in two modes, both of which enforce encryption of the traffic in different ways:

- port 389, where STARTTLS must be used ( ldap://ldap.aegee.org )

- port 636, LDAP over SSL/TLS ( ldaps://ldap.aegee.org )

Mozilla Thunderbird

In Thunderbird 91.0.3 open the Address Book. File → New → LDAP Directory… Provide something as Name, e.g. AEGEE LDAP. As hostname type ldap.aegee.org, Base DN dc=AEGEE;dc=org, tick Use secure connection (SSL), port: 636 → OK. You could reopen the same dialog under Properties of the new address book and select the Offline tab → “Download now”.

In Edit → Preferences of Thunderbind select Composition → Addressing and select as Directory the new address book.

Note: When CardBook - an alternative Address book for Thunderbird - is active, the integrated address book is not considered when completing the To:/CC: fields. CardBook can be used to download the same data over CardDAV.

Gnome Evolution

Go to File → New → Address Book . Select as Type: “On LDAP Servers” and check “Copy content for offline operation”.

In the tab “Connecting to LDAP” enter as Server: ldap.aegee.org , Leave port: 389, Encryption: STARTTLS, Authentication Method: Anonymous, leave Username: empty.

In the tab “Using LDAP” enter as Search base dc=aegee,dc=org. (The button ”Find Possible Search Bases“ does not work), Search scope: Subtree. Close the window with OK.

In the “Contacts window” on the new address book the context menu has entry “Refresh”. It downloads the data locally.


On iPhone select Settings → Contacts → Accounts → Add Account → Other → (Contacts) Add LDAP Account → Server: ldap.aegee.org → Next → Keep: Use SSL, Keep Search Settings (tree dc=aegee,dc=org, Scope: Subtree)→ Save.

In the Contacts app select Groups → ldap.aegee.org .Now the app searches only the LDAP directory. This explicit selection has to be repeated anytime, when the LDAP directory shall be searched. You can type: AE to find all contacts starting with AE. Typing text in the middle of the searched term, like “Sofia” does not work.

The setup on Mac is similar.