AEGEE Discounts


  • schoolEDUopinions : Rate your University in 3 minutes and help AEGEE-Europe!
    Give your opinion about your University (it doesn't matter if you already graduated or still study there) in just 3 minutes and help AEGEE-Europe raise some money! Make sure you mention how AEGEE local influenced your student life.
    If you studied in more than one university, you can rate all of them by using the incognito mode of your browser or using different devices (phone, laptop etc).
    Feel free to share the link with your friends and invite them to rate their university as well!
    With every review, you support AEGEE-Europe.

  • directions_busFlixBus : Bus company | 3€ Discount
    Get your 3€ FlixBus discount codes. You can get 2 codes per month of 3€ each.
  • local_shippingEurosender: Door to door shipping service | 10% Discount
    Get your 10% Discount with the code 'AEGEE10' (without apostrophes) when ordering in Eurosender. Valid for all orders over 5€.
    With every purchase using this discount code, you support AEGEE-Europe.
  • homeSpotahome: Find your new home | 25% Discount on the fee
    Get your 25% Discount on the Spotahome fee with the code 'AEGEESAH25' (without apostrophes).
    With every purchase using this discount code, you support AEGEE-Europe.
  • attach_moneyN26: Online banking with no fees and free Mastercard | 5€ for free for new accounts
    Get your 5€ for free for opening a new bank account in 15 minutes from home - with no hidden fees and no fees for exchanging currency, a Mastercard and a very cool app! You can get only 1 code, and you have to use it while creating the new account.
    You will get the 5€ extra credit once you deposit at least 0,01€ in your new account.
    With every new account created through this link, you support AEGEE-Europe.
  • : Accommodation for short term | Genius 10% discount + perks
    Get your AEGEE Booking account to get the Genius status automatically!
    The Genius status grants you a 10% discount in all accommodation tagged with the Genius sticker. You also get some free perks like a cocktail on arrival or free airport shuttles, depending on the accommodation.
    You need to register with your email. If you don't have one and would like to get one, follow this guide.
  • createNeuland: Markers and materials for workshops | 10% Discount
    Get your 10% Discount on all products of Neuland. In order to apply the codes, you must follow these instructions.
    Discount code for European Union: 85f2e7980e2
    Discount code for outside European Union: e2fd6e6d552

  • picture_in_pictureSlido : Interact with your audience | PRO account is an original, organized and impressive way to interact with your audience.
    You create an event, and then people can easily join that live with their phones. While you're screening with a beamer, people see questions on their phone and can answer openly, choose from multiple choice and even ask questions to the speakers themselves. Everything is updated live on the screen immediately, and there are many possibilities to increase the participation of your audience as you can see in this short animation.
    Slido has a free version, but we have access to 5 accounts at once for the PRO version. If the basic free version is enough for your event because you want to moderate or ask more than 3 questions, then you can make your own account and start using it to interact with your participants. If you would like to use more features, then you can fill in this form requesting a PRO account for the limited time of your event (and some extra days to prepare). Once your request is approved, you will get an email.
    We encourage you to use Slido in events such as conferences or big workshops where it's hard to interact with large audiences in a more personalized way.
  • micCatchbox : World's first soft throwable microphone | Lend them from AEGEE-Europe
    Catchbox sponsored AEGEE with 3 Catchbox Lite and 1 Pro. Catchbox is great to efficiently interact with your audience, by throwing the microphones. If you would like to lend one for your conference/big event, contact headoffice asking with at least 1 month in advance.
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