CD decision about the future of AEGEE-IT services

Dear Network,

Following the continuing evaluation of Intranet, there are some topics that should be addressed to the Network. The Information Technology Working Group, together with the Comité Directeur, drafted an action plan.

Without Summer Universities and AGORA system, the future and continuity of our association is not secured. The parts of Intranet that are working properly will be used and will stay online, combined with fixing minor bugs and supporting it.

However, we urgently need a working system for the AGORA and for Summer University applications, therefore these modules need to be created, and linked to intranet.
The AGORA module, we used before can be easily attached to our new database, only the layout has to be changed.

However, that's not the case for the Summer University Project, what we will need to record from scratch. There is a very strict deadline for that, because the Summer University Project procedure starts in two months.

When these steps are finished, we will evaluate the situation, check and create a priority list of things that have to be redeveloped, and slowly improve the online membership system further. (Keep in mind that the perfection of the system can take several years)

Another issue, is the privacy statement of Intranet.

The Comité Directeur decided that it has to be re-written, and kindly asked the contribution of Patrick Kabasci to create a draft privacy statement.
Both ITWG & CD hope to have it published as soon as possible!

Moreover, it has been agreed that Intranet will move from the United States to a server inside the European Union.

To accelerate the process we would like to ask for your help, for your contribution.

To start with, we have used the specifications created a few years ago, but were never used.
You can contribute in improving them by joining us at

Our needs at the moment are:

  1. software developers to work on a PHP/MySQL Platform
  2. software developers to work on a PHP/LDAP+MySQL Platform
  3. web designers
  4. non-IT people to form a support team for current and future systems

If you think you have a few hours per week to invest in this project, we would all be very happen to hear it!

Please send an e-mail to manos.valasis{at] mentioning what you would like to do!

Truly yours,

Comité Directeur & ITWG