Human Rights Working Group

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This page is outdated. It is kept here only for archival purposes. Do not rely on the correctness of the information.

Human Rights Established in: 2012 (reestablished) Main aims and tasks: • Informing young people about human rights and about the related problems that still exist in Europe today, in order to make them aware of the topic and the current situation • Confronting young people with the situation of minority target groups in Europe through direct encounters, in order to create mutual understanding • Fostering cooperation between AEGEE and NGOs working with target minority groups, in order to exchange work experiences in this field and to create a sustainable society in which human rights are not an exception Activities: • Autumn Agora 2012 pre-event in Bratislava, including a living library and other thematic workshops (planned) • Workshops during Autumn Agora Budapest 2012, EBM Valletta and Spring Agora Rhein-Neckar 2013 (planned) • Action Days on Human Rights History: The Human Rights Working Group (HRWG) was established in order to make human rights more visible in the Network and in Europe and is aiming to create a more inclusive Europe in which everybody can exert their human rights, without living in fear or being condemned. Right now there is still a lot going on in Europe concerning this matter, from small, quite innocent things to really serious problems. We want to make this visible, and (on the long run) we want to solve those problems or at least to make it easier to deal with them.